Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sotong Ball Seafood Soup!

I saw 2 ladies having this impressive bowlful some time back at Hong Lim Market and promised myself to have it soon!

Here i am today... puffing and sweating with Ric over 2 bowlful of Sotong Ball Seafood Soup from 东方红墨鱼丸杂锦汤, Dong Fang Hong Sotong Ball Seafood Soup (01-116).

伊麵, Ee Noodle Soup ($3.50)

I was totally won over, just by 1st look! All handmade balls of pork, fish and squid! Bouncily meaty and bursting with sweet flavors in clear light soup!

粿条, Kway Teow Soup ($3.50)

Ric is having their kway teow soup; see how wide is their kway teow! It offers such great bite!

The stall is located at level 1, the back lane, facing the Wet Market.
Search and you shall find.
Slurp, slurp...

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