Friday, July 25, 2008

Foo House Bar & Cafe

A little hideaway along the remote stretch of Jalan Pari Burong (off Upper Changi Road) near Simpang Bedok, Foo House is more of a cafe than a bar.

With BMB speakers playing soothingly on FM Class95, its homely styled furnishings in dim orangey lights creates that uberly comfy laid-back environment that provides a breather during lunch break.

Arriving past 1pm, we were grateful that the usual lunch crowd had dispersed; else the 6 dining table grouping could never accommodate us.

Standard Pumpkin Creme Soup comes with each of its 3 set lunches for the day, namely the Hainanese Pork Chop, Beef Sandwich and Lamb Sandwich Set.

The plateful of soup was sweetly creamy with a throw-in of Pumpkin seeds for that added bite. We lapped up the soup gladly as we were really famished; the soup was indeed comforting to our growling stomachs.

My order of their Signature Hainanese Pork Chops was old-school good, crispy pork chop doused in mildly sweet tomato based sauce with green peas, tomato wedges and onions. Topping of the French fries was a bonus :)

And i was impressed that even the green poached vegetable was freshly warm. The Butter rice that accompanied the dish was so good; you could even eat it on its own.

Before a taste of Ric's Beef Sandwich, i pinched his tempting looking French fries off his plate and they were surprisingly good! I never knew chips could taste any different; they were all the same to me.

But these here that were deep fried, lightly salted with crispy crust and moist fluffy infill tasted awfully satisfying. Recent eats of French fries at Kim Gary pales much in comparison.

Oh, and the sandwich was pleasantly crispy toasted Focaccia bread with juicy beef patties that were nicely cooked to perfection that were still pink in the middle.

And the black pepper sauce was orgasmic; flavorful yet not overwhelmingly spicy. I could only say i wish to eat all these again, and again...

Utterly bloated, the strong Hainanese Coffee served as a strong catalyst in aid of our digestion.

Foo House is super unpretentious in its presentation that emphasises more on its culinary expertise it could offer to its diners.

Their sincerity could be felt in their effort of whipping up quality set lunches, even though these were only priced at $9.80+. Kudos.

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