Thursday, January 21, 2016

A-Poh Kitchen - A CNY Dinner

Abalone Yu Sheng, 鲍鱼鱼生

Having had some delectable fare at West Coz Cafe lately, we attended tonight's dinner with certain expectations at their other eatery, the A-Poh Kitchen.

Food was pleasantly reasonable; and it wouldn't be fair if we expect a restaurant standard by a kitchen and cafe operators. But the invitation was for a company year-end dinner, so it unwittingly falls short of the occasion by the simplicity of the food. It doesn't feel elaborated; more of a good cze char meal.

Alas, the 8 course menu was affordable at $338 nett. And i should specially mention the very enjoyable salted egg chicken, refreshing salad prawns and savoury lotus leaf rice, which was only available during the Chinese New Year. Maybe it is a good meal after all.

Bamboo Fungus Seafood Shark’s Fin Soup, 竹笙鲜菌海皇翅

Hong Kong Steamed Seabass, 港蒸金目鲈

Salted Egg Chicken, 金沙鸡

Broccoli w Scallop XO Sauce, XO带子扒西兰花

Salad Prawns Fritter, 沙律虾球

Lotus Leaf Rice, 荷叶饭

Longan with Sea Coconut, 海底椰龙眼糖水

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