Monday, January 4, 2016

Beancurd Riceballs!

3 In 1 Beancurd, Sesame and Peanut Mixed ($2.40)

Ever since i developed an addiction for after-meal dessert, traditional glutinous rice dumpling has been on the radar. I wouldn't resist the traditional Ah Balling, or the latest fashion of having the riceballs in soy beancurd! This is comfort food.

The dessert isn't easily available, so i was overjoyed to find them with Mr Bean which has branches all over the island. It was a guiltless indulgence as i'll request for a less sugar serving; while being fully aware of the nutritional benefits of soya bean. Lust for glucose was well satisfied by sweet sesame and peanut paste within the riceballs. Ta-dah!

Let's drink up to a fulfilling New Year! Which these sweet round balls symbolises in the Chinese custom - prosperity, unity, bliss and fruition.

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