Thursday, July 16, 2015

南南, Na Na Curry Fish Head - from Marina South. Remember?

About 18 years ago. That's how long we last tasted Na Na Curry. Those days, we drove up to the undeveloped Marina South - a land covered with wide green fields where kites were flown, and dinners gathered at the many steamboat outlets. Large crowds will gather too, during the Fireworks Festival! Large empty carparks lots, strewed the grounds.  

The few restaurants and Kopitiam eatery like Na Na curry were like an oasis in the dessert then. With Marina South being redeveloped, we found Na Na in Blk 303 Jurong East Street 32 today - still ever popular with the office lunch crowd.

Claypot Curry Fish Head, big ($25), Rice ($0.50)

Curry Vege ($3)

The curry still packs a punch. Its mutton is well perfected, and crisp beancurd skin served atop the piping Curry Fish Head is so clever! But i guess people change.

We are now unthankful of the powdery taste of the curry - it doesn't rationale with plain white rice. I can't stop craving for their well-toasted baguette ($0.60) to go with the curry instead. It would have been heavenly!

Curry Mutton ($4.50)

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