Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Gold Class Experience - Unforgetable

Standard Price $39 (All days)

How many years later are we, to actually enter a Gold Class Hall? It was 1998, when Golden Village first opened a cinema at Great World City to include a Gold Class Theater. The more than tripled ticket price kept us away; we couldn't see anything past monetary.

At Vivo City, an exclusive ticketing hall directs us to a cozy waiting lounge where we rest and freshen up. Smiley attendants then ushered us into the theater when screening time nears.

It was a private world that we entered, calm and uncrowded. Blues and Jazz were playing. Carefully, we adjusted our roomy seats to recline at our comfort. With a touch of a button, we were lowered and a footrest extended! It was pretty delightful. We almost refuse to budge towards each other - we were enjoying the rare serenity, alone. We felt truly relaxed...

Then there is a wool blanket in the black cushion for the lady who often feels cold in a theater. At the call of a button, friendly waiter service offers you anything from a glass of premium wine, ice cream, warm snacks or simply the popped corns.

What's most applauded are the top range digital audio systems and wide screen that is explicitly placed to make you feel you are watching a mega TV screen in the living room! In funny moments, you'll feel free to laugh out loud, it was like watching a movie with just a few strangers. Although the hall was fully occupied, it feels intimate.

The experience tonight is memorable and magical. I'm looking forward to more of it, hopefully soon.

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