Saturday, July 11, 2015

Jurong West Claypot Curry Fish Head - About 30 Years Ago!

Claypot Curry Fish Head ($32 large. Prices start from $17)

The new project team comprises of mostly foreigners (China and Malaysian) whom are crazy over Singapore's Curry Fish Heads. So we decide to show them the good stuff - this Kopitiam stall in blk 492 Jurong West St 41. which has remained popular for its curry fish heads, all these 30 odd years!

And we were bowled over - succulent freshness of the fish, piquant and spiciness of the curry sauce that was 'just right', not overwhelming nor jialat, neither was it mild. You believe we emptied the claypot and asked for an extra bowl of curry for top up!?

Side dishes were mundane, save for the beansprouts with salted fish and pork lard!

Omelette Egg ($6), Xiao Bai Cai ($6), Salted Fish Beansprouts ($7)

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