Sunday, June 7, 2015

28th SEA Games Singapore

Traditional Dragon Boat Race Event at the Marina Bay

After a spectacular opening ceremony to the 28th South East Asian Games on 5 June, 2 weeks of exciting games followed! We were trying to catch as many sports action as we could, over the night hours.

Winning games and medals bind the people together as we cheered on Team Singapore - after all it is our 50th year of independence, and the year beloved statesman, Mr Lee Kuan Yew departed. National pride seems at its highest; even failures were cheered. Lauding 84 gold medals, and 259 in all, threw the nation in jubilation - their best performance so far in SEA games. It is a memorable 2 weeks.

Maybe this little red dot has finally found its feet. Maybe these people of diverse language, race and religion are finally coming together. Maybe Singapore can survive as a nation after all. Let's pray we stay this rugged.

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