Friday, November 7, 2014

My Fried Rice Don't Stick to the Wok!

How do you do that? And with lesser cooking oil!

You see, fried rice tastes good when you add eggs to it; but often eggs cause the sticking of the wok. The gist of it would be "when" you add the eggs. Never do it after heating up the rice, do it way before.

Crack the no. of eggs you like onto the cooked rice, mixing them well. Let it sit for at least 10 mins - for the eggs to dry up a little. Following this, you need just add enough oil to grease the wok. Heat it up before adding in the rice that's coated with eggs - this way, the rice just wouldn't stick to the wok as the fried eggs layer gave it a dried, hardened crust.

Continue frying the rice, then proceed to add in your usual pepper, salt/ light soya sauce, ingredients and every other things. Just 2 mins before dishing up, turn up the fire to give it a final char, and serve.

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