Saturday, February 8, 2014

Xin Yi Pin Catering, the Imperial Menu

Yam Ring with Prawns

A reduction of budget from last year's order of Xin Yi Pin's Emperor Menu ($14.90+), this time we are on their more economical Imperial Menu ($11.90+).

But, maybe it's the wrong choice of food selection ('Paper Wrapped' - Aluminum foil-wrapped Chicken and Baby Kai Lan are not in pictures), or the cutting down on ingredients, we are just not enjoying the meal as much as the previous. The Yam Ring tasted especially disappointing as it was primarily clustered with cauliflower, with so little of prawns..

Edible food; tight spread for 25 pax. Make sure you order enough to feed your guest.

Vietnam Spring Roll, with Sweet Potato

Deep Fried Ee Fu Mee

Vegetarian Fried Rice

 Mongolia Pork Rib

Steam Assam Fish with Pineapple

 Salad Prawns with Cocktail

 Mini Fruit Tarts and Portugese Egg Tarts


Kelly Moja said...

hi, as i saw the assam fish picture there,
was wondering how was your review on that.

Beary said...

Sorry for this late reply, Kelly. The Assam fish gravy is run out of the mill, just your average. And Dory fish meat was used.

Try Glory Catering? Our recent favourite ;)