Sunday, February 16, 2014

About Time (2013)

About Time Official Trailer

It's Valentine's Day and i want a romance story. Been a long time since a movie touch me; so much i want to pen it. And very rarely, a British production.

About Time is a well-acted and written story about time-travel, family and love; but doesn't make you wish to travel back in time to change your life. Think you want to relive any moments to make your life perfect? The movie simply inspires you to "Try to live everyday as if it's was the final day. My extraordinary, ordinary life." Some imperfect moments too, can be beautifully memorable - being drenched by strong wind and rain at your outdoor wedding...

If there's an opportunity, i would love catching this again - the second half of the philosophical movie, actually. The original movie soundtracks are nice too, listen to them here.

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