Saturday, February 15, 2014

安樂, An Lock Curry Rice

On our numerous visit to the North Bridge Road Market Food Centre, there's always this constant queue at An Lock Curry Rice. Without fail.

Today's late lunch doesn't give us much choice over their near empty trays; customers kept coming in to clear away their popular Char Siew, Pork Chop and stir-fried vegetable dishes. Just how can these familiar looking food tastes anywhere better?

Braised Tau Pok, Char Siew Roasted Pork, Sambal Eggplant 

 Pork Chop, Long Beans, Fish Cake

I tell you the food is really GOOD! And all at a humble $5, for these 2 plates. We shall be hurrying back soon; hopefully before 12 noon when the dishes were served dipping hot from the stove. That would have been fantastic!

What can i say? You come down for a try. No bluff you.

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