Thursday, February 6, 2014

李貴(亞蟹), Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant since 1968

Teochew Raw Fish

Hearing so much about the legendary Lee Kui Teochew Restaurant from TV foodie programmes, i had very much looked forward to tonight's Chinese New Year dinner ($468++ set menu); with a hidden agenda of scouting a good Teochew restaurant for Ric, where they just might serves a nice rendition of his favourite Teochew raw fish.

The 8 course dinner was near perfect; ruined by the raw fish - fishy tasting sashimi; even someone with a cat sense like myself doesn't appreciate it. Watch this, Lee Kui - overlooking the little things might just cost you the reputation as a reliable, old time Teochew restaurant.

Combination of 6 Dishes 
(Chicken Nuggets in Seaweed Wrap, Salad Prawns, Smoked Duck, Century Egg Jello, Prawn Balls, Jellyfish)

Steamed Sea Bream Hong Kong Style

Crab Meat & Fish Maw in Thick Soup

Teochew Duck Meat with Braised Beancurd

Boiled Live Prawns

Abalone w/ Sweet Bean and Asparagus

Yam Paste w/ Ginko Nuts

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