Wednesday, January 29, 2014

松鱼业, Song Fish Dealer

King Crab Legs ($48/kg)

This was probably our first purchase from the Song Fish dealer at 19 Fishery Port Road - King Crab legs for the reunion dinner steamboat with hotplate! Everybody enjoys the taste of the intensified sea-freshness.

Given my tighter working hours, it is a bonus to get a visit to the Fishery Port - just a day in advance of the Chinese New Year's Eve. These photos are for you to take a peek of the seafood pricing this year; if you too, like myself can't make it for shopping at these wholesalers.

Balai Kurau, large ($38/kg), medium ($28/kg) 

Red Snapper Tail ($16/kg), Golden Pomfret ($10/kg), Parang ($10/kg), Batang ($14/kg) 

Squid, large ($12/kg)

Grey Prawns, large ($25/kg), Red Leg Prawns, large ($30/kg)

Grouper Fish, medium/ cleaned ($11 each)

Frozen Rabbit Fish ($8/pkt)

$8 yields a bag of 6 Rabbit Fish; which is cheap. But of the 6, only 1 of the fish comes with fish roe; it is a disappointment. Another bag fare slightly better - 2 fishes with roe.

Chinese Pomfret, large/ cleaned ($60/kg)

The frozen Chinese Pomfret stretches over my chest and weights 1.282kg, costing $76.90!

Overall, Song Fish offers reasonably fresh seafood, even their frozen is good enough after thawing. And the place is popular with customers who came for bulk purchase of air-flown Norway Salmon - minimum purchase of half Salmon fish.

Now, at least, i am feeling the mood of the Chinese New Year.

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