Friday, January 17, 2014

Sembawang Eating House (Seafood Restaurant)

Teochew Steamed Sea Garoupa

The Sembawang Eating House by the Bottle Tree is operating new at the Marina Barrage - and we had decided the company dinner (10 pax set menu, $368 nett) to be held there for our Muslim colleagues.

While we rarely come across good Chinese cooking from a Halal kitchen, the Bottle Tree done it impressively well with their Teochew steamed Garoupa! The fresh seafood is prepared by trying their hardest to follow an authentic Teochew recipe - Boy! We were certainly pleased!

Prosperity "Lo Hei"

And we did the prosperity 'Lo Hei' Toss across 4 multiracial tables, altogether! It was rowdy!! Memorable and heart-warming as we shout auspicious new year greetings to one another! Huat Ah!!

Roasted Chicken with Cracker

Other Chinese vegetable dishes such as the Sea cucumber with assortment Mushrooms and stir-fried Broccoli were also well done - like any good Chinese restaurant. And our group compliment the Malay-styled roasted chicken which was succulent and full of flavors - the entire plate cleared! 

Albeit the use of less meaty local crabs, this is the place for some fiery and robust chili crabs gravy!

Sea Cucumber with Mushrooms

 Fish Maw Thick Soup

Chili Crab with Deep Fried Buns

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