Saturday, January 4, 2014

Home Cooked Chilli Sauce!

This is The-Family-Chili sauce. It is our Nasi Lemak chili, Wanton Mee and Fishball  Noodle Chili; also using it to stir-fry the Petai and prepare barbecue Stingray and Squids. I just have to record the recipe for future reference!

Mum will stock the cooked chili sauce in the refrigerator and constantly reminds us to use a clean dry spoon for the chili whenever we wanted some for dipping sauce. This will prevent spoiling the entire bottle of chili with impurities and moisture.

A) Dried Shrimps, 100g
     Shallots, 3 balls
     Cooking Oil, 3 Tbs
B) Dried Chili, 75g
     Chili Padi, 6-7 pieces
     Shallots, 100g
     Garlic, 4-5 cloves
     Buakalat, 4-5 balls
C) Assam, 150g - soak in 2 bowl of water
     Sugar, Salt

1. Soak the Assam piece in water.

2. Blend ingredient 'B' by grinding to a smooth paste in a blender/ or mortar and pestle.

3. In low heat, fry ingredient 'A' until fragrant (under the perfect heat, the oil should be foaming - as picture shown below)

4. Add ingredient 'B' and fry till fragrant, with the paste slightly dried up. Press the paste slightly with the spatula while frying to hastening the process. The entire frying process feels long and tiring on the arms, and should take about 15-20mins on the low fire.

5. When the paste is ready, pour in the Assam water gently. Taking care to leave the Assam seeds and residue behind, do not add them into the cooking wok.

6. Mix well. You should notice that oil now 'floats' on the surface and give the chili sauce a beautiful glaze! Add Sugar and Salt to taste.

7. Leave the cooked chili to cool off in the wok.

8. Bottle and store in the refrigerator.

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