Saturday, January 25, 2014

Earle Swensen's - Chicken, Fish & Chips

Fried Chicken Delight ($19.90++)
A tenderly juicy golden fried chicken cutlet bursting with flavors and drizzled with Chef's special jackfruit salsa 
that gracefully complements the dish with its rich burst of flavors. Served with crispy fries and Mesclun salad.

After having a taste of Earle's flavorsome and juicy charbroiled-steak, Ric had a hard time convincing me to try the stereotyped of fried chicken cutlet and dory fish fillet. 'How good can that be!?' i had argued. 'How different can it be from that of Swensen?'

And i was dead wrong. Firstly, serving size was bigger than Swensen's! The fried chicken cutlet was seriously delicious! The dory fillet, thick and juicy. And if these wasn't enough, there's always the free-flow-salad-bar for our indulgence on this lazy weekend afternoon..

Fish & Chips ($19.90++)
Our classic all-time favorite! Traditionally prepared tender breaded dory fillet fried to crisp perfection and 
served with US fries and creamy tartar dip for that extra flavorful crunch.

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