Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Novena Peranakan Cuisine

Samba Sotong

It takes courage, and an effort to meet up with friends whom you have not for the past ten years! After a planning that took 2 months to fix the date, it was decided at Novena Peranakan Cuisine - a really cosy cafe which encourages quiet conversation; dinner crowd of mainly office workers and small family nucleus of Thomson.

Daily Set Menu for 2 - choose 1 from each section

Pricing is definitely comfortable where they serve a set menu for 2, with each person priced at $12.90+. Makes it so easy to split the bills shall we decide to go Dutch!

Ordering is easy too; just say, "Uncle, give us all the star ones!"

Overall, food is good and satisfying. The ngoh hiang is a 'die die must order' while the fried chicken and sambal sotong offers a savory chomp. The assam pedas should tempt you for a second helping to the free-flowing steam rice while the mildly favored chap chye balances the meal.

Their chendol dessert is wonderful, but as i watched a lady starting off with her pelut hitam, i made a mental note to have that on my next visit!

Assam Pedas Fish Meat

Lady Finger

Ngoh Hiang

Nyonya Chap Chye

Ayam Goreng

Honey Lemon Drink and Chendol

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