Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hjh Maimunah Nasi Padang

A la Carte Lunch ($23.20)

You have to agree that it is during the CNY, when many food stalls were closed, and when we weren't invited for gathering feasts; we either eat instant noodles, fast food or Malay/Indian food. Bless our non-Chinese compatriot!

Being the New Year season, we decided to have a good meal at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant. It is sited at 20 Joo Chiat Rd, right next to the iconic Geylang Serai Market which houses several renowned Malay hawker stalls. Therefore, the restaurant really has to rise itself to the challenge; both in food selections and pricing.

Tahu Telor Jakarta ($4.50)

Sambal Goreng Jawa

Sundanese BBQ Chicken, $4 per serving (2 servings shown)

Our previous visit here wasn't as memorable as today's. And it had to do with our selection of food. Today, their signature dish of Sundanese chicken got me. While looking cold and dry, it is actually tender, sweet, smoky pieces of meat.

The 'smoky' flavor is especially spellbound. And i have the dish on my mind for days after; never mind the slight hefty price tag. I would say, "Aye, aye, here lies the spirit of the meal."

Ikan Asin Bombay

Padang Beef Rendang, $3 per serving (2 servings shown)

Together with their many well executed dishes; this is such a hearty meal - even my Dad who is used to being nonchalant, warms up to it. I thought, "This is the place i would be proud to showcase the Malay dining culture to any foreign guests."

Teh Halia, Ginger Tea

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