Monday, February 18, 2013

深利, Chin Lee Restaurant

Now that i learnt about Ric's sentimental story behind the Teochew Yusheng, i decidedly plan to make this meal a yearly affair; disregarding the much elevated price during the CNY. The dish reminds him of his late father who used to prepare it for the family.

Teochew Raw Fish Salad ($38+)

And we had always preferred the traditional Teochew Yusheng to that of the Cantonese for its abundance raw fish, loads of fresh green lettuces and the ultimate plum sauce dressing. The generous serving of raw fish makes this a healthier and value for money salad too.

If you hasn't try this Teochew version, you die die have to. We are at Chin Lee Restaurant, 115 Bedok North and it is full house. Remember to do your reservations.

 Half Roast Chicken ($18+)

Conpoy + Fish Maw Thick Soup ($18+)

Ric ordered by memory and these were some of their Signatures. While the roast chicken missed the mark today, the rest of the menu scored high! The chunky fish maw thick soup had us going gaga; nobody offered the other party his extra bowl!

Teochew Kway Teow ($8+)

And i couldn't take my eyes off the plate of well-charred Kway Teow noodle as it arrives on the table. 'Splendid!' was all i heard myself repeating as i hastily cleared my plate to receive it!

Dessert: Teochew Yam Paste w Gingo Nuts ($3.50+)

Even when you are all too full after the heavy meal, try getting a little bowl of their traditional Teochew yam paste to share. It isn't cloying and promises to complete your experience of Teochew cuisine.

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