Sunday, February 3, 2013

Venezia Gelateria (Guthrie House)

Butterscotch and Rum & Raisin, Durian and Tiramisu (2-flavors cup, $4.90 each)

Couldn't get any information about the Gelateria Venezia from the website, and thus my guess that it is a locally run business that doesn't originate from Italy. We especially felt so after getting a taste of the gelato.

While having the correct lightness of a gelato, the individual flavors lack strong characteristic - Butterscotch was hard to differentiate from the almost alcohol-free Rum Raisin; mild tasting Durian fruits and Tiramisu that made me forget it should contain some espresso.

Many gelato parlours are similarly named and it's easy to mistook one stall from the other, but we shall specially remember Gelateria Venezia.

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