Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scallion Chicken from Mouth Restaurant

姜葱鸡, Mouth's Scallion Sakura Chicken ($26.80++)

My earlier impression with dining in these traditional Hong Kong restaurant was that of superior arrogance and hasty service; comfy and relaxed dining is more appealing to us. So it's a long while since we had something from Mouth's.

Food standards at these self-proud restaurant was seldom an issue, i therefore leap onto their promotion; choosing to pay extra for a takeaway.

With a good credibility of being a low-fat chicken, their Sakura Chicken has visibly no fats under its skin (and therefore no trace of 'chicken smell') yet is tender like a young chick. The dish was welcomed hungrily by Nic and his wife as they dipped into the greenish ginger paste generously.

"How many coupons you purchased? Why not buy more? Next time buy more?" Nic asked while still busy digging in. Okay :)

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