Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ice Skating... those were the days

While ice skating was as common as learning to ride a bike in Winter countries, it is a novelty for Singapore's kids.

My first and only experience with ice skating went back to the days of Fuji Ice Palace (if you are old enough to know the place?), at the former Rex cinema building - it was then Singapore's only ice rink. After a day of thrilling skate, i had spend the night overcoming unnerving thoughts of possible mishaps that might had happened with falling over and cuts with the sharp blades! Left physically drained and emotionally intimidated, i saw the end of ice skating - now that's a scaredy cat for you.

Today, the well-architecture JCube surely provides our brave youngsters a hell of a ride as they glide under the tall skies of the Olympic sized rink! I was impressed with the spaciousness of the mall as I ascended upon the openness of level 3, facing frosty glasses of the wide skating rink. An air of youthful excitement will urged you to the viewing gallery at level 4!

Viewing gallery at level 4

It is wonderful to see a vibrant ice-skating scene in the making as we now have 3 ice-skating rinks in Singapore (charges varies). If you are a first timer on the rink, remember to put on some thick socks and bring a pair of gloves. Happy Memories.

The Rink JCube, 1800m2

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