Thursday, May 10, 2012

老两, Lao Liang Chilled Pig Trotters Jelly + Shark Meat

白牙沙鱼, Chilled White Shark Meat ($5)

A good Teochew friend would surely, and definitely introduce you to their traditional delicacy - Chilled White Shark and Pork Trotters Jello! I was, when courted by a Teochew and grew to like the dishes as well as the man.

猪脚冻, Chilled Pork Trotters Jelly ($5)

Can't explain how the plain tasting fare (the Shark - naturally sweet. the Pork Jelly - unseasoned) caught on and won my devotion; to choose preference for either of them is unreasonable, i need both!

The sweet plum sauce with peanuts goes with Sharkie while the sourish chili sauce teamed Jelly apparently but mixing them up is equally delightful. Teochew or not, this is a food culture worth experiencing.

Feed on these collagen food today, while the rare trade still operates from Jalan Berseh Food Centre. You know any other stalls available? Please let me know.

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