Thursday, May 10, 2012

黑白, Black & White Fish Soup

Back and white colored decor, heart-shaped dangling labels and a fixed large clock that informs you their absurd starting hours at 11:12am - all screams "gimmicky".  But they are the only stall with a queue in Jalan Berseh Food Centre, and we were sold.

Fish Soup Set, large ($7) + Rice ($0.50)

The stall doesn't provide takeaway and charges separately for their sugared chili sauce that's good enough to be drank on it's own. And if you like something piquant, don't mind oiliness and loves MSG in the supposedly healthy fish soup, this stall should keep you coming back, like many of their regulars. 

I almost did.

But we don't tolerate MSG. While it does add much flavor to the soup, it's unimaginable to be panicking for water sources - the entire afternoon. I guess the fried fish pieces could be an accomplice as it too tasted salty.

Boiled fish slices and prawns were great but they don't accept a sale of just it. So we can't be back here.


Albert said...

Their food are above average but their attitude are not so appetizing. I have seen them scolding customers as thought they owe them money.

There are better fish soup around that area:

1) The fish soup inside Blk 27 Jln Beseh (the same coffe shop where the famous Sungei Road Laksa is). The only proble is that uncle selling the fish soup is very slow, probably because of his age. The soup is clear but not as tasty and I believe there are no MSG.

2) There is another fish soup stall at Da Lian Noodle shop a stone throw away from Blk 27 Jln Beseh. But I believe there are some MSG in the soup as I always feel thirsty after consuming the fish soup.

Beary said...

HEllo Albert!
THank you :)