Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Timberland Footwear

Timberland leather shoe ($59, stock clearance sale)

It was Valentine's evening and the shopping mall was quite deserted. We thus landed a very good bargain for the store's last pair of a genuine leather shoe, in my size!

Ric and i are faithful customers of Timberland for the past 10 years; our shoe racks are made up primarily of their footwear from sandals, slip-ons, hiking, boat shoes and city work shoes, adoring its guaranteed comfort, foot support and fashionable design. And when Timberland goes on sales, their reduced prices would be very much competitive to other regular shoemakers.

If you haven't found your ideal shoemaker, it's worth giving Timber a try. Their factory outlets in IMM and Changi City Mall will give you an edge over your buy.

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