Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wan Chai HK Tea Room @ NTU

With Wan Chai Tea Room in mind, the day seems purposeful as we looked forward to the evening.

Finally, the welcoming sign of NTU, Canteen 1 ;)

And the spread of our long awaited Hong Kong Wanton Noodles & Yuan Yang drink!

HK Wanton Noodles, Dry ($3.20)

HK Shrimp Dumplings Noodle, Soup ($2.80)

Go for the noodles in soup if you favored bouncy noodles. The dumplings were understood to be all plump and luscious. Yum..

Coffee Set, with Butter Thick Toast & HK Milk Tea ($1.80)

Not having enough of Wan Chai, Ric scrambled to get an order of their affordable Coffee Set Meal. Yes, $1.80 for a set was a steal! Price varies depending on your choice of thick toast.

The half-boiled eggs were yolky and thick! Surprisingly great; just lacking a little in warm.

And how would you like to eat this?

Dip and Dunk! Into the eggy mixture, and drink up :))

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