Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fishing at Swensen

Catching Swensen's 1-for-1 Lunch Treats Promotion before it end this month, we were at their Funan IT Mall outlet.

Despite having some disagreement with Ric earlier, the tasty platters served here is a Spirit lifter; hope Ric is feeling the same. Let no argument hurt our feelings further than it should.

Chili Fish Pasta ($14.50++)

This is Ric's but i really loves this dish.

Its sweet, mildly spiced Oriental sauce is appetite whetting. Deep fried Fish Nuggets is a perfect foil for this tangy Spaghetti set.

Grilled Fish Samba ($14.50++)

Ric had recommended this strongly for its tasty Sambal and succulent Dory fillet. He rated it above a similar Samba Fish dish we last had at Fish & Co.

It was noteworthy also that the accompanied Vegetables were fresh, sweet and crunchy.

Delights at Swensen's :)

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