Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ah Hui Big Prawn Noodle @ Balestier Rd

Big Prawn Noodle (Standard, $12)

This is Ah Hui Big Prawn Noodle from the old Long House food centre at Thomson. Despite our many visits to the old Long House, they were always for the famous boneless braised duck rice. And it's not hard to understand why, after our taste of the prawn noodle today.

For the higher prices charged here, we expected more. Their standard prawn noodles at $5-7 does not offer sweet prawns. The big prawns at $12 are tastier, but not exceptional. The gentle broth left us wanting, since we are expecting a much robust sip.

On a kinder note, the prawns are definitely fresh and properly de-veined, making it easy to eat. The fresh fried shallots and pork lard bits are good effort.

Prawn Noodle (large, $7)

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