Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Do we even need an introduction to the hottest burger joint in Singapore now. Yes, this is Burgs at the Golden Mile Food Centre.

The Classic beef burger totally stole our hearts! and palate. It was thick, juicy and flavorsome. This is one of those rare instances which i don't want to share my food with Ric. Haha. But having pickled green chili, in place of drill pickles is a little disappointing for a classic.

The Seoul fried chicken was most beautifully deep fried and marinated, but i rebuff sweet mains. And the coleslaw is miser in this one. Last, we had a tough time chewing off the pulled beef brisket in the Hickory smoked beef burger ($5.50). Awkwardly, the shredded meat got caught in between the teeth. If you are even on dentures, forget this.

The Classic for repeats. And we are definitely coming back for their Teriyaki Chicken burger ($5.50) which got sold out during our queuing!

The Classic - Beef Patty, Caramelized Onions, American Cheese, Pickled Green Chilli ($4.50).

Seoul Fried Chicken - Korean style fried Chicken, Homemade Coleslaw ($5).

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