Thursday, August 3, 2017

Arnold's Fried Chicken

2 Piece Meal ($7.30)

It does take some convincing to do with Singapore's most expensive fried chicken fast food outlet - Arnold's Fried Chicken (Also one of Singapore's oldest food establishment from the 1980s!). But you may soon find their claim on using farm fresh chicken to be authentic; your taste buds will tell you.

The thin garlicky skin, juicy chicken meat makes it all very memorable for us at Arnold's, our first visit. So tender is Arnold's signature dish, the spring chicken, i was feeling very guilty for yearning after the less than 28 days old chickens.

So much for my repentance, i am actively planning for our next visit on their whole spring chicken. Now, i am condemned.

1/2 Spring Chicken Meal ($7.70)

Whole Spring Chicken Meal ($12.80)

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