Friday, December 16, 2016

肥仔祥烧腊云吞面, Fatty Cheong

Roast Meat, Char Siew and Roast Duck Drumstick Platter ($13), Rice ($0.50)

Much publicity and hype over the roasted char siew of Fatty Cheong at the ABC Brickworks Food Centre; this was nevertheless our first visit.

The dressing of dark sauce over their rice immediately reminds me of our favourite Lee Hong Kee, at the Tiong Bahru market. But it is significantly less flaoursome here. Having high expectation on crispy roast duck, i couldn't wait to tuck in; but was disappointed with the soggy skin. The duck was also tough raw, nearing the bone areas.

The char siew is lightly roasted, and is juicy. The crackling pork belly, however, is the undisputed one. Still, we were prompted persistently, of revisiting Lee Hong Kee soon.

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