Saturday, December 3, 2016

靓汤圆, Stewed Soup/ Steamed Rice

Steamed Pork Ribs w/ Black Fungus ($6), Rice ($0.50)

Herbal Black Chicken Soup ($4.50)

Do you believe in the rejuvenating effect of herbal soup? We do. And i have been quite into herbal black chicken soup lately. I have never tasted one. So mum tells me that genuine 'black chicken' is not only black on its skin, even its bones are darken. Wow, i have to see to believe. 

This herbal soup stall in the Sims Vista Market and Food Centre draws in many office workers during the lunch hour. That got our attention. The popular dishes being the steamed soup, steamed rice, and even a whole steamed fish.

And we finally get to sample some fresh, genuine black chicken in a strong herbal broth. The steamed pork ribs, however, comes with unyielding veins/fat. So just stick to their steamed fish and soup, and you'll be good.

Stall no. #01-03

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