Saturday, December 24, 2016

阿南, Ah Nam BBQ Seafood

BBQ Stingray, Sambal Sotong, 2 rice ($26.20)

It was raining dogs and cats on a Christmas Eve. Islandwide thunderstorms.

We managed to waddle over to the Changi Village Food Centre, and enjoy prompt service from the usually crowded stalls; the weather has probably put off many patrons. Taking the opportunity, we try out Ah Nam which usually have a long wait list.

Hot, spicy and good sambal chili! formed our lasting impression of Ah Nam. Surely the fiercest fan of chili will be satisfied here. It's a shame we have to scrap away some of the good chili paste. We are none too good at spicy food. Alas, the nice smoky fragrant that the cook managed to whip up with the squids, is a bonus!

BBQ Stingray

Sambal Sotong

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