Tuesday, December 13, 2016

阿二老火汤, Ah Er Herbal Soup

Stall #01-143 (Closed on every Sat.)

When we last came by the ABC Brickworks Food Centre, we noticed a worker clearing away a trolley full of little soup pot, each tag with a yellow label reading "阿2煲汤". Seems like a good herbal soup stall in sighting! So we made a mental note to return.

And it was only today that i realized Ah Er is the same stall that operates from the Superbowl Leisure Park, on Yuan Ching Road. One which i have been searching high and low for!

Now you noticed the soup here is seriously robust. From the look of it, and the whiff you took, even before you tasted it. The strong ten tonic soup was especially overwhelming, while we wolfed down the more acceptable 'Buddha jumps over the wall' and pig's stomach soup. One has a generous serving of 4 thick Chinese mushrooms while the latter includes some 20 soft ginkgo nuts in 1 pot!

It was while stock last for each of their soup, so like many of their customers, we dare not be late today. And never, ever skip their home cooked pumpkin rice ($0.80), to settle for the plain rice. You wouldn't regret it. Enjoy!

胡椒白果猪肚煲汤, Gingo Pork Triple Pepper Soup ($4.50)

十全人参大补煲鸡汤, Ten Tonic Ginseng Chicken Soup ($5)

极品佛跳墙, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall ($6.50) 

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