Saturday, December 10, 2016

实惠园, Shi Hui Yuan Hor Fun Speciality

Mushroom with Chicken Drumstick ($4)

Years before Shi Hui Yuan got listed on the Michelin Bib Gourmand for 2016, we used to come by their stall (#02-33) at the Mei Ling Market, but always at the wrong timing - after 2pm, or on Monday to Wednesday which happened to be their off days. Now that the initial vibes of Michelin endorsement have died off, we didn't have to fight the queue. Still, their signature braised chicken feet are sold out.

Without a queue in sight, we were certainly doubtful.

But was immediately regretful of our small serving when we tasted the luscious gravy of the rice noodle. We certainly came across very few, who could achieve an essence of flavors, with such light seasoning! We like it. Without a gripe for the tender chicken drumstick, the well soften and thick Chinese mushrooms are examplary!

Now we are really looking forward to tasting their signature braised chicken feet with mushrooms. This stall is another 'old flavor' found, a gem.

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