Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dim Sum Lunch @ Canton Paradise

Steamed Prawn Dumpling "Ha Kao" ($5.80++)

Brought Mom and Dad to dim sum at Canton Paradise and we draw mixed reviews - Mum and myself are of lighter taste buds, so it's obvious that we didn't quite enjoy ourselves. But Dad is a smoker who enjoys strong tasting food; even he finds their seasoning very much over-whelming, but nice he said - then he finished all his water which he usually loathes.

Unanimously, we suffered from the briny congee (reaping 5 large fresh scallops though), the overly deep fried dough fritters and squashy Ee-fu noodles, albeit the nice wok-hei.

It was comforting though, to see Dad so eagerly picked up the steamed chicken feet, and finishing the entire plate.

Steamed Chicken Claw with Black Bean ($4.30++)

Baked BBQ Pork Pastry ($4.80++)

Fresh Scallop Congee ($10.20++)

Steamed Cheong-fun with Dough Fritters ($4.30++)

Stewed Ee-Fu Noodles with Dried Shrimp Roe ($12.80++)

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