Friday, October 10, 2014

Nyonya Stir-fry Green Chili,娘惹炒青椒

There's a story behind this Nyonya home-cooked dish which we love to go with plain rice - Mum's proud sister-in-law who marries into a Peranakan family used to visit her maternal family and cook for them. 

Attracted by delicious aroma from the kitchen, and their loud boosting, mum often peeps in and try to steal a taste of their leftovers; learning the recipe by herself!

500g         Green Chili (scissored, wash and rinse of the seeds)
15 cloves  Shallot (sliced)
1 tbs         Salted Soya Beans
2 tbs         Dried Shrimps (soak to soften in water)
4 tbs         Cooking Oil


1. Heat oil, and stir-fried shallots till it browned with fragrant. Set aside by top of the wok.

2. Add in dried shrimps, frying till the aroma rises. Then add in salted soy beans, frying and crushing it a little using the spatula.

3. Fry briefly for 5 mins, then add the fried shallots that was previously set aside, followed by the green chili. Mix well for another 5 mins. Serve.

Take care not to over-cook the green chili, as a crunchy texture is definitely tastier than squashy ones.

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