Friday, July 11, 2014

Supper Time @ Newton Circus

Grilled Chicken Wings ($1.30 x3), Oyster Omelet ($5)

Like any average Singaporean, our visit to the Newton Circus Food Centre can be more than 10 years back. Yes. Because the food centre has been known as a tourist trap for its touts and exorbitant prices. But with rising food cost all over the island, a meal here matches your spending in any air-conditioned food court.

There goes our prejudice. And welcoming us into the alfresco dining was an air of expectation and excitement - where we get to see polite touting activities and people-watch interesting group of tourist. Ignore the touting of tourist items like the expensive BBQ Seafood; choose your own seating, walk around and place your order from any preferred food stalls with clearly displayed price list. Enjoy yourself!

And we did have a good time, soaking up the vibrant vibe about the place.

While the inner courtyard offers several repeat of BBQ seafood, chicken wings, fried noodles and oyster omelette stalls with similar pricing, we decide on Hup Kee Fried Oyster, 合记炒蠔煎 (Stall 73) and R&B Express (Stall 72) for their grilled chicken. Fairly good food!

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Beary said...

News on Ch 8 just showcased Hup Kee Oyster Omelet as formerly from Singapore's old Orchard Rd carpark, the famous roadside food stall.