Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dessert Flower (2009)

Waris Dirie (portrayed by Liya Kebede, left) and Waris Dirie hug on the set of Desert Flower.

Sometimes, good films slip us by. And the "Dessert Flower" is such.

"Dessert Flower" was filmed based on the autobiography of Waris Dirie, an international supermodel who writes in 1997. What's extraordinary isn't her shot to fame, but the case of her circumcision. How can female be circumcise? We gasped!

Something that says "female genital mutilation". And the horrific act that follows on her wedding night...

I applauded Waris Dirie who in the prime of her career, chose to tell her shameful story - of a woman without female genitals, to help the woman in Somalia - where she came from, and woman all over the world.

The film leaves an unsettling effect, a long lingering heaviness about this inhumane custom that has no religious basis, but is still being practice in many African countries today.

Waris Dirie's autobiography, 1997

Read here for the Waris Dirie Story from the Reader's Digest, June 1999.

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