Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meat Balls with Pickled Lettuce, 菜心肉丸子

This is 1 of our 'most favorite' heritage dish; and the recipe was passed down by Grandma. So why hasn't this been blog earlier? You might laugh at my gluttony - Each time the dish was ready, i couldn't wait to tuck in! Photos can wait... Today, i exercise constraints. No joke.

A big bowl of rice always accompany the savory meat balls and gravy! I love this...!

200g       Minced Meat
1 clove   Garlic, chopped
1 can      China Pickled Canned Lettuce (drained, separate from canned liquid)
1 bowl    Water

1 tbsp     Oyster sauce
2 tbsp     Corn Flour
Dash of Salt
Dash of Pepper
Dash of Sesame oil

1. Marinate minced meat with oyster sauce, sesame oil, salt and pepper. Mix well.
2. Add corn flour to the marinate meat. Mix well and leave aside for 30mins.
(During Grandma's time, she will mince the meat with some garlic, before marinating :)
3. Heat oil in wok, fry chopped garlic and pickled lettuce until fragrant.
4. Add canned pickled liquid and water.
5. Make meat balls out of minced meat with a spoon; placing them directly into the soup.
6. Leave soup to boil and check the meat for doneness.
7. Serve.

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