Friday, April 4, 2014

Alan Banana Leaves BBQ Seafood

We complaint about the less than satisfying chili sambal used on the Stingray and the stir-fried Squids which we had expected to be done on a hotplate BBQ. Maybe we made the wrong choice of BBQ stalls at Pasir Panjang Food Centre; there are a handful of them here? But Alan was observed to be the most popular.

Back home, i googled and found fave reviews on them, on the same food we were served. 

If you too feel that they are the best, you should try the Tokyo BBQ, at West Coast who actually spoils us. We couldn't accept anything less; except that Alan's Stingray is really plump and thickly sliced - it is value for money.

BBQ Stingray ($10)

Sambal Stingray ($10)

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