Saturday, April 26, 2014

根叔美食世家, Gen Shu Steamed Rice

Hong Kong Steamed Rice with Chicken and Salted Fish ($3.80)
Sampan Porridge ($3.50)
Steamed Yam Cake with Rice Noodle Roll ($2.80)

If there's 1 place for decent HK steamed rice at hawker pricing, we reckon this is it - at Gen Shu's, the Toa Payoh Lor 4, Blk 74 Food Centre. We though it has really good standard.

Gen Shu mastered the technique of producing moist plump grains, finished with a flavorful roast! It was then topped up with good quality sausages, salted fish and boneless meat from a chicken drumstick. Howbeit, my return would be plainly for the charred steamed rice.

Broiled porridge for Ric who is suffering from a really bad throat infection and fever. I understand that the porridge is delicious, with ingredients aplenty - you can't see that, as they were buried beneath the heaviness of the well textured porridge.

We didn't actually enjoyed Gen Shu's famous yam cake today... seems a little too soft for our liking.

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