Saturday, April 12, 2014

Arirang Korean Restaurant

Chicken Ginseng Soup, Samgyetang ($20) + Rice ($3)

Korean cuisine is something i would craved for after an absence, so we bought a Groupon for the Arirang Korean Restaurant, thinking it shouldn't get too bad right?

And we were quite safe.

6 complementary side dishes of Banchan -
Anchovies, Cucumbers, Potatoes, Sweet Black Beans, Kimchi, Hot Green Chili.

Enjoyed the simple dishes of unlimited Banchan and hot Ginseng soup, albeit the missing glutinous rice which we considered mandatory in a Samgyetang.

Our first try of Korean dumplings made up of chives, tofu, Korean vermicelli and minced pork fillings were impressive. Overall food standard aren't stunning, but fairly comfortable for a repeat.

Steamed Korean Dumplings, Mandu ($15)

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