Friday, March 14, 2014

Pine Garden's Cake - Cheap and Good

Black Forest, Orange Zest Chocolate, Tiramisu ($2.50 each)

Seems a long time from my last fresh cream cake. These from Pine Garden were received from colleague baby's full month and everyone was thrilled as the cakes filled the office with delicious aroma; some was the product from the alcohol used in the cakes!

Everybody's favorite has to be the Black Forest that comes with plum cherries within. Those who preferred lesser cream on their cakes bent towards the Orange Chocolate cake. Tiramisu is the disappointing one as it tasted just like our usual chocolate cake, we wouldn't know it's Tiramisu if my colleague didn't say so.

It was good enough cakes with affordable pricing. And Pine Garden do serves a chunky size of creamy and 'not sweet' chocolate eclair, remember to get them too.

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