Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Catering from BBQ House

Skewer Sotong in Oriental Spicy & Premium Otah
It's been near 3 months of scorching heat without rainfall; anyone fancy an outdoor barbecue this afternoon? Yes, we are guilty by reason of insanity! The food was great today, and the company sporting - it was fantastic.

Between BBQ House and BBQ Wholesale, we opted to cater from BBQ House because they offer live barbecuing service for the party.

Original Marinated Buffalo Wings
See these hands snatching up the Buffalo wings? These were really delicious, albeit a tad over-burned. Especially delightful and interesting were their Chicken Kebab, Skewer Sotong and Shelless Prawn Hawailian too - it makes a BBQ more special than it is.

Without fail, there was also the Chicken, Mutton Satay, Chicken Cheese Cocktail Sausages and Premium Otah. But i noticed most of us didn't fancy a second serving of the Mozzarella Cheese Mussels which tasted fresh but plain.

BBQ House too, does a nice rendition of fried vermicelli and garden salad which compliments the all-meat menu. And after all the heat (from the sun and food), we were definitely grateful to find our Almond Longan dessert waiting in molten ice state; all packet drinks staying well-chilled in iced foam box!

Shelless Prawn Hawailian Glazed & Chicken Kebab

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