Thursday, March 20, 2014

No Relish for Salt

Home-Styled Mushroom Cream Soup ($8.80++),
made with Swiss button & shiitake, drizzled with truffle oil

The evening starts quite wonderfully at the cozy restaurant of Relish by Wild Rocket as we enjoyed the whiff of truffle oil in our thick soup. Then, expectation drops drastically when the mains came up.

Grilled Pork Chop ($21.80++)
served with secret anchovy salsa verde, mashed potato, mesclun

Presumingly, a slab of naturally flavorsome grill was to be served but the good ingredient ruined by being over-salt. And having extra salted and fishy tasting anchovy salsa on our meat is rubbing salt on the wound.

Tasted some quality minced beef in the burger patty, but it was again overcast with salt. These savory dishes certainly goes well with the many choice of alcoholic drinks here; but we have no relish for salt.

Wild Rocket Beef Burger ($15.20++)
served with arugula, Sarawak pepper cream, sun-dried tomato relish and choice of fries or salad

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