Tuesday, March 18, 2014

新穎餅店, Sun Win Cake Shop

Winter Melon Wife Cake (HK$3 each, S$0.49)

Maybe we should all forget about Hang Heung, forget about Wing Wah and forget about Kee Wah when we next visit Hong Kong, and are shopping for some traditional wife cakes. I tell you why.

He was on a short trip to HK over the weekend and conveniently bought these wife cakes off the shelves of Sun Win Cake Shop, on 上環摩利臣街98號地下. Now, this nondescript hole-in-the-wall cake shop has an unbelievable making of palm-sized wife cake! Its winter melon filling is fat and chewy - some describes it as biting into candied winter gourd!

Definitely our best, so far.

Photo courtesy of Openrice.com

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