Monday, December 16, 2013

珍妮曲奇, Jenny Bakery from HK

4 Mix Butter Cookies - Flower, Coffee, Shortbread, Raisin Oat, 640g (HK$120)

There is a mania in Hong Kong over freshly baked butter cookies from Jenny Bakery; after those of the wife cake. It has gone to the extent where there's always a long... queue outside the shop (they have 2 outlets only); the time when you don't see a queue is when they are sold out!?

My enthusiastic colleague joined the queue and bought these from her trip; everybody loves them (I could only took a picture after they polished off the 1st tier of the tin)! The cookies are impressively buttery, yet fine and light at the same time; seeming to break at the slightest pressure. I like the shortbread best, and the raisin oat next; both in plain circular shape. I could snack on this all day.

But if the buying experience at their shops were as unpleasant as described in this blog; i too think i wouldn't join in the craze to spoil the vacation. Between the 2, i'll still take my wife cake ")

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