Wednesday, December 4, 2013

来来, Lai Lai Taiwanese Dining

Herbal Pork Ribs Rice ($7.90++)

Work has been busy for both Ric and me, so we really had to make an effort to meet for lunch. This being our only break hour, i much appreciate our restful time at Lai Lai - easy food in a comfortable restaurant.

Beef Noodles, soup ($9.90++)

Food quality is reasonably good but not exceptional. The melt-in-the-mouth pork ribs, soft stewed beef and beef tendons quite easily satisfied the work day appetite. For something creative, we ordered the rolled pancake with cheese and eggs - a delicious but rather expensive rendition of the Indian roti prata.

What i found most unforgettable is the bottle of spicy fried shallots served on each table; it adds a nice fragrant to Lai Lai's lightly seasoned dishes. I like it. 

(Pan-fried Roti Prata) Cong Jua Bing w/ Cheese & Egg ($6.50++)

Spicy Fried Shallots (condiment)

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